Cravatta iPod silk tie


This Cravatta iPod silk tie cleverly conceals your iPod nano and is available in red, pink and navy. Cravatta Tie features a special loop so […]

The New Video iPod


Rumor has it that Apple has plans to release a true video iPod which will not only feature a 3.5 inch diagonal display, but also […]

nano Tune buckle


The Tune buckle, $50, is simply a belt that comes with an iPod Nano holder which is also the buckle. The Tune Buckle fits waists […]

iPod Multi-Charger


With the iPod Multi-Charger you can charge any iPod model from either the wall, your PC’s USB port, or your car’s cigarette lighter adapter with […]

H20 SV ip4g waterproof iPod case


Surf. Wake. Snow. Dive. Wherever your soundtrack is. Bring it. H2O products make sure that water doesn’t come between your favorite activities and you favorite […]

iDJ iPod Mixing Console


IPod has become a part of our way of life. Another great example is this iDJ iPod Mixing Console, $249.99, which allows you to professionally […]

iPod xs


Yanko Design has had lots of great concepts in the past … Check out this one by Designer Jlennon. The iPod xs is a reality, […]

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O’Neill iPod controller glove


Wicked! Finally some Ipod implementation for the snowboarders and skiers. The O’Neill iPod Fat Controller, a snow glove that incorporates a wireless remote control for […]

Boomtune Mini iPod Speakers


The Boomtune mini tripod is a new speaker design that fits iPod and MP3 Players. The 1W x 2 output is surprisingly high for such […]

Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod


I’ve seen wireless headphones before but never as sleek as these…This model from Logitech features a wireless range of about 30 feet, “Interference-free digital sound […]