Hydropolis Undersea Resort hotel in Dubai

The Hydropolis Undersea Resort hotel in Dubai will be the first underwater luxury hotel opening in December 2006. Wait, that can’t be true the Posedion Undersea resort is also opening in December 2006. The Hydropolis is structured in three elements: the land station, the connecting tunnel, and the submarine complex. The land station is the reception and welcome centre for the hotel’s guests. The connecting tunnel is the lifeline of the complex and not only provides access for guests, but also enables provisioning of the hotel with all the necessary goods. And finally, the submarine complex is the hotel itself with its wide range of unique additional facilities. Included in the resort will be a cinema, cosmetic surgery clinic, marine institute, museum, library and a prayer room. Guests will be able to rise to the surface lay out on the sandy beach and snorkel. Yes the Gulf sun is very fierce, and to solve this problem the Hydropolis will be manufacturing clouds to protect the guests. Clever. Sounds like a new era of resort.