How to lower RV expenses on a budget guide

Here’s an article on how to lower RV expenses on a budget and especially in this economy. In this how to lower RV expenses guide we’ll discuss how to lower RV park expenses, driving (gas) expenses, RVing on the cheap, and all around tips to keep your trip fun without worrying about breaking the bank.
Every year thousands of people RV many miles and enjoy their vacation with the family. But the current rise in gas prices creates a lot of anxiety in RV vacationers. Everyone seems to be complaining about the huge RV expenses causing them to abandon their summer vacation. Numerous approaches can be adapted to minimize the extensive RV costs in order to fully enjoy your summer vacation…

The most important tip to minimize your camping costs as they directly affect expenses is try to find boon docking (free camping) sites or choose campgrounds since they charge less. Use the trailer guide or Woodall’s to go through camp grounds around the place you are planning to visit. If you can’t find a boon docking site, become a member of a campground chain. These chains are great for Rvers that travel a lot or even live on the road. Membership parks charge less and offer more amenities compared to places like Public, State, KOA & Good Sam Parks. Here’s a great site that shows the savings of membership clubs. Camping clubs also offer many good deals at cheaper rates. Another helpful tip especially for big time travelers is to get a lot of state camping permits. These permits cost only a few dollars and come with many incentives. You could also go for camp hosting as it combines the incentive of many constructive activities along with free camp site. Go through the caretaker Gazette as there are many opportunities there to take care of people’s property (even gardens and pets) in exchange for a free camping site.
As far as your RV, if you’re just a seasonal traveler, a good option is to go for a rentals RV or ask your friend or relative to rent theirs rather than going through a professional rental service. This can save you some major dollars. Also, make sure to keep up with automobile maintenance. Always get a complete inspection of the automobile so that there aren’t any issues during traveling. Don’t make quick stops or land rover starts since this kind of driving consumes more gas. Limiting your speed to 55 mph will give you optimal mileage with less gas consumption. Get the echo friendly energy saver LED/ CFL lights which last longer and consume less energy. Use the free energy saver and install a turbine system that uses solar or wind energy and saves a lot on energy charges. Shop at big outlet stores like Sams Club to get bulk prices. Utilize the RV kitchen rather than going out to some expensive restaurant. Shop smartly and select multitasking products which create less mess. Try to purchase food items in bulk and pack them by yourself.
These simple actions will definitely lower your trip costs and add a lot to your budget. So if you’re thinking about canceling your trip over the costs, you’ve got to realize that by just being more innovative you can still go. If you forget your old habits and adopt the new smart ones that is…
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