The Instant Igloo


This Instant Igloo inflates in two minutes and fits four children. It makes a perfect shelter for a snowball fight retreat or hangout for the […]

Wine In a Can


Wine in a can makes it simple to bring a glass of wine on the go. No need for a wine opener, wineglass etc. Sweet. […]

Shotgun Beer Opener


The Shotgun Beer Opener, enough said … You can buy these in bulk or get one for 4 bucks here. They really have a way […]

Pret the Safe Sex container


With the slogan “Anytime, anywhere, be ready” Pret hopes to promote safer sex by popularizing a condom container that can be carried with pride and […]

Leatherman Squirt S4 Multi-Tool


This Leatherman will come in handy for everyday purposes, amazon excursion, sailing trips etc. This Leatherman Squirt S4 Multi-Tool, $84.95, features Scissors, a Straight Knife, […]

Metrokane Citrus Power Juicer


Nothing makes me happier then a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning. The Metrokan Citrus Power Juicer just happens to be the world’s […]

Cup ramen timer


There have been times, especially in college, when I would live only on Ramen Instant Noodles. This kitchen burner-shaped device is an “Instant Noodles Timer”. […]

wireless color interphone


Let’s say you live in an apartment and some salesperson (living spam) comes to your front door at any time of the day or night. […]

RC 3000 Robo Cleaner


This gadget is great for travelers who hate coming back to dusty floors. The RC 3000 Robo Cleaner is an autonomous cleaning system that sweeps […]

spa to go


Unless your really cheap, the place you stay on vacation will most likely have a hot tub included, or at least a pool. If not, […]

Analog Awakening Clock


This is a really genuine idea for an alarm clock. The drinking glass is placed on the coaster-like clock and rests on tiny spikes, allowing […]

Eco-friendly snow shovel


Snowboarding is possibly my favorite hobby/sport. I found this modern snow shovel patent interesting. The shovel is compiled from two snap buckle connection points, a […]

Hanging Alarm Clock


This concept of a radio alarm clock which actually hangs above your bed, wakes you up in the morning by chiming. The only way to […]

Casio 5 Pill Alarm Clock


When you can combine different uses in one thing … it is a great day This Alarm clock w/Snooze features, a vibration alarm, LED Backlight, […]

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