Gulf Stream B Touring Cruiser Class B Motorhome 2008

Use it for family travel, or as an SUV, mini-van or a family station wagon – the Gulf Stream B Touring Cruiser Class B Motorhome 2008 fulfils these roles and so much more. Ideal for the weekend trip, golf outing, soccer game, field trips and a cross-country family vacation, the B Touring Cruiser is the ultimate all-in-one vehicle. Built on either a Ford E-350 or 450 chassis, this Gulf Stream Class B motorhome is powered by a V-10, 6.8 liter engine and features smooth fiberglass construction. The B Touring Cruiser’s spacious living quarters feature a well-equipped galley, space-saving entertainment center, stain resistant plush carpet, comfort plus furniture, and H-ducted ventilation system, giving you all the comforts you would enjoy at home. Gulf Stream Coach.