Gillette and Shick Duke it out – Result Gillette is still better looking

gillete- schick.JPG
Gillette hopes Fusion, the newest of their line of razors, with five blades on the front and a trimming blade on the back of its pivoting head, will become its leading franchise, followed by Mach3 and Sensor. The Ferrari of Shick’s line, the battery-powered Quattro, comes in both manual and battery-powered models with the microchip, and won’t hit North American stores until early next year. “The Schick launch has nothing to do with this, it’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen as far as we’re concerned,” said chairman, president and chief executive James Kilts, who has been using Fusion for about a year. You guys play nice. Theres no time to play monopoly!
Gillette unveils five-blade razor (Reuters)