Exercise machines – Anterior FLEXability machine

The FLEXability Line, an innovative range of fitness equipment, is designed by TechnoGym to make often painful and boring stretching an enjoyable and effective form of exercise. These advanced exercise machines can carry out initial and ongoing evaluations during training, allowing you to assess your improved condition while making sure you stretch in correct and safe manner. The main benefit is that such an exercise machine maintains the correct alignment of spine and core while providing modulated lengthening of the anterior muscles of the trunk and lower limbs, thanks to the exclusively developed TechnoGym system. It is also simple to operate and allows easy access to all components, ensuring that Anterior is suitable for everyone and is most beneficial to those who sit for long lengths of time.
One of the several advantages of these exercise machines is the fact that Anterior works on the main muscle groups of the lower body and trunk, maximizing the effectiveness of the stretch and reducing the duration of the exercise while helping you achieve optimal benefits. Another FLEXability advantage is that it incorporates an integrated feedback system that measures flexibility and helps monitor progress and results to keep you informed and motivated. The unique and innovative “Memory” padding material molds to your body shape. Other features are an integrated turn dial timer to set the appropriate stretching duration and a safety brake system to help you relax and stretch effectively. Finally, the Anterior exercise machine leg platform offers 3 different stretching angles – 0°, 20° and 45° to expand the range of exercise and increase lengthening options for thigh muscles. TechnoGym.