Essential Packing Checklist for Those Planning a trip Around the World

If you’re planning on taking a holiday for an extended period of time, like on an around-the-world tour, deciding on exactly what things you’re going to want and need can be a bit difficult. It’s easy enough packing for short trips, but with a trip that could potentially last months, a little extra thought is almost certainly necessary.

This article will go through the essentials that you should have with you when you depart, as well as the things you don’t have to take but can quite easily pick up along the way.
The essential basics
Before we get onto things like what kind of clothes you should take with you, there are some basics to get out of the way first. For starters, you’ll need a sturdy, resilient backpack that will be able to stand a lot of wear and tear yet is easy to haul around. You’ll need your passport, visas and immunization records if necessary, travel insurance, a diary with emergency numbers, extra passport photos and other identity cards.
You should also carry a small travel first-aid kit, ibuprofen, and other painkillers – make sure that you read each country’s list of banned medication before you enter though.
This ultimately depends on what kind of world tour you’ll be doing. If you’re backpacking, you’re going to want clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty. Jeans, shorts, a few pairs of t-shirts and lots of underwear will be all that’s necessary in such an instance. If you plan on doing a lot of hitchhiking or trekking, you should probably invest in some cheap sets of multiple t-shirts, too.
Even if you’re hitchhiking, you should still pack some smart evening clothes – a shirt, or an evening dress would be useful.
On the other hand, if you’re going to be treating yourself to a luxurious, all-inclusive cruise trip, you’ll probably want to invest in comfort clothing, and buy more clothes according to your needs as and when you need them along the way.
Other things that will come in handy
Your checklist will ultimately depend on the specific purpose for your travelling, but in general, there are definite items that may come in handy when you’re moving around. You’ll need a camera, of course, and a portable music player of some kind will be useful for those long journeys in between.
If there’s a chance you might get some work along the way, you should also take a few copies of your CV and a job reference letter. A Swiss Army knife will definitely come in handy at some point, as well as a torch. Just don’t overpack – you don’t to return from your trip with a bad back!