Electric Powered Mcrae Dune Buggy First Dakar Competitor

The electric powered Mcrae Dune Buggy will be the first green dune buggy to attempt to traverse 5,500 miles of the grueling desert terrain for the 2010 Dakar Competition in South America which kicks off January 1st and lasts till January 15th. This electric powered Mcrae Dune Buggy will be surrounded by a bunch of gas guzzling competitors and can possibly change the way of things if it prevails. Part of the Anglo-Dutch team that’s headed by Alistair McRae, the ultra-lightweight McRae Buggy boasts a 54-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a robust 200-kW electric motor that features three power settings (eco, standard and full attack). The green buggy also features an aerodynamically optimized body and trick shock absorbers that convert kinetic energy from ruts and bumps into usable electric power. And instead of refueling with gas, its’ pit crew will consist of vehicles equipped with DC quick chargers. Badass!

Via Green Autoblog
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