Electra Inflatable Airbed

A massive party is never a drag! This New years some of my friends and I found ourselves lost in a foreign city with no comfortable place to crash for the night. Some people don’t do that great under pressure and when not in there usual conditions or a nice hotel room. This Electra Inflatable Airbed, $143.91, allows for a comfortable nites rest with a built-in Bellows pump that allows for extra firmness, and the flocked top keeps the bedding in place, unless off course you’d prefer to sleep in the bathtub. Assembly is easy: the Electra Inflatable Airbed goes from flat in a box to a full size double bed with the flick of a switch, is totally electronic and starts pumping by simply switching ‘ON’. Don’t go to many parties? Airbed is also ideal for traveling, camping trips and satisfying sleep requirments where ever you may go.