Earthmate PN-40 GPS

When you need to know just where you are in the backcountry right now, go with the Earthmate PN-40 GPS. Boasting a high-sensitivity 32-channel STMicroelectronics Cartesio chipset, the PN-30’s dual core processors gets you map and satellite imagery when you want it – it even provides you with large aerial imagery files and multiple maps layers with just a touch of a button. Equipped with 360° raster rotation, this Earthmate GPS unit shows you roads, buildings and images just as they are as you look at the map while walking, driving and biking. It even comes with a 3-axis electronic compass with accelerometer that works when you’re moving or standing still. Other features include sensitive barometric altimeter, WAAS-enabled and SDHC high-capacity SD cards supported. The PN-40 starts in price from $399.95. Earthmate GPS.