E-Z-GO 2Five Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

Finish everything on your to-do list and then drop the kids off at school in the E-Z-GO 2Five Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. The company’s first street-legal electric vehicle, the 2Five can reach speeds of 25mph and is restricted to roads with a 35mph speed limit. Powered by an AC electric powertrain motor, this E-Z-GO NEV comes in both two-and four-passenger models, and no matter which you choose, you can be assured that both offer the same superb performance, convenience and style. Other features include four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, an onboard charger, an accessory outlet that charges mobile phones and other portable devices, and three-point seat belts and hip restraints. Prices for the 2Five start at $8,300. E-Z-GO.
Via Ecofriend.