Dynasty IT Sport 4-Passenger NEV

Take a foursome for a tour around the neighborhood or for a round of golf in the Dynasty IT Sport 4-Passenger NEV. Short for Innovative Transportation, the IT Sport is definitely that! A four-door, four-person NEV, one of its most interesting aspects is its use of cool “air-doors” that offer protection from the elements but still promote a flow of refreshing air. Powered by EV-31 Flooded Lead Acid batteries, this Dynasty NEV comes equipped with an on-board 120V charger, helping to cut your fuel bills – the estimated energy cost is $0.10/kWh, which is $0.51 per charge or $0.17 per mile. Other features include front wheel drive, state-of-charge meter, four wheel hydraulic brakes and back-up light and alarm. Dynasty Electric Vehicles.