DXG 125VR 720p HD Camcorder

When extreme weather and conditions call for an extreme camera, the DXG-125VR 720p HD Camcorder is up for the challenge. Whether you’re out hiking in the woods, hitting the slopes or out on the water, the 125VR is right there with you, ready to capture your adventurous moments. This DXG camcorder is about the size of a candy bar and features a rugged rubber handgrip that protects it from unexpected drops while allowing you to hold it securely in your hand. While you shoot your picture or video, you can direct the action with help from the 2.0 TFT screen, and its 128MB of flash memory can be expanded with a SD card. Able to shoot in High Definition formats of H.264 and WVGA and 720p, both at 30 frames per second, the125VR also comes equipped with a compass in its clip, HDMI cable, USB, software and headphones. Pick one up for $139.99. DXG.
Via Coolest Gadgets