Columbia Northwest solid wall folding trailer Alite 300 & 400

Columbia-Northwest-solid-wall-folding-trailer-Alite-300 & 400.JPG
Perfect for road trips these solid wall folding trailers made by Columbia Northwest take only 30 seconds to set up and are welcome in camping areas where campers with canvas are prohibited. The Alite 300 & 400 just happen to be the lightest solid wall folding camper in the world! They are fully insulated everywhere (including the floor)and features solid wall vacuum bonded construction. The aluminum exterior on the walls and roofs make it perfect for bear country. The Alite 300 & 400’s low folded profile and torsion axle suspension plus an ultra low base weight of only 350 lbs makes towing easy with nearly any motorized vehicle. For the adventurous free-birds.