Chevrolet T-Rex car of the future

The sleek looking T-Rex was submitted to Australian Design Award competition this year by Alexander Vittouris, a student at Monash University. The main idea is that a buyer can assemble such a car, with fabric allowing complete and seamless integration of interior and exterior components, forming seats within the package space. In-between, T-Rex should hold all the necessary components. Further aiding the self assembly nature of the vehicle are the self-contained electric in-wheel motors, creating a simple ‘bolt on’ drivetrain solution. The bottom line, according to Mr. Vittouris is increased product life as the car will become part of the consumer rather than a disposable commodity as many cheap cars are today. Chevrolet T-Rex will also use the Tweel – a tyre technology derived from Michelin that – and I am citing here, allows a degree of ride compliance to be integrated into the tyre itself reducing parts count further.
I have to admit, I am lost here and it all sounds deep, too deep. Yet the Rex looks cool, even hungry. Hope the car comes to fruition when my middle life crisis kicks in, so I would get one.