Bought a new boat? Now learn Power Boating Techniques and Safety

Have you just purchased your new boat? Not ready to take a cruise on the Potomac River or the Chesapeake Bay? Need more experience on the water? You can learn power boating techniques and safety from the best! Captain Cook and his staff are U.S. Coast Guard licensed merchant marine officers with masters license.
You will receive a full one-day (up to 8 hours) hands-on training with your Captain, ensuring that you will have the confidence to navigate the waters of the Potomac or Chesapeake Bay. Confidence that will ensure that you enjoy your boat to the fullest! The cost is $450.00 but the experiences you gain from this lesson will be priceless.
learn the secrets of boat handling including:
– boater safety
– navigation
– line handling
– reading the water signs (not only the displayed signs)
– reading the weather
– many other topics