Binom shoes

The idea behind every pair of Binom shoes is that every human foot is different. Seems quite obvious, but few shoe makers take this assumption as seriously as Binom does. Developed over years of research with 3D foot measurements using high-tech scanners to achieve a comfortable and natural design, Binom shoes adjust optimally to every curve of your foot. Be it wide, narrow, with a high or low instep, you will get a perfect fit each and every time by means of a special insole and with help of 4 different volumes. Made of high-quality materials, and with their casual, comfortable look, the Binom leisure shoes are suitable for many different occasions. Some of the well-thought features include stitch construction, torsion stabiliser, exchangeable insole VCP, vegetable-tanned leather, latex glue and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal recycled foam. All Binom shoes are made from natural and recycled materials to assure the proper breathability and natural feel of the shoe. The soles are crafted from Vibram rubber with multifunctional Mosquito designed profile to insure excellent grip on every surface and enable even pressure distribution while walking. Binom.