Biknd Helium Bike Case

For all the times you can’t ride your bike to your intended destination, store and carry it safely in the Biknd Helium Bike Case. Weighing in at 9.5 kg, the Helium folds out flat, which means you can easily load and fasten your bike into place. One of the most unique features of this Biknd bike case is its air bag panels that inflate, ensuring that your cargo won’t get damaged while you’re en route. It’s able to carry road bikes that have up to a 64cm frame as well as most full-suspension cross-country and mountain bikes. For added protection, its hard moulded plastic inserts make sure your bike’s wheel axles, forks, and handlebars aren’t damaged, and its non-abrasive fabrics and separators make sure that parts do not rub in transit. The Helium sells for $600. Biknd.
Via Treehugger