Amphibious houses

I am captivated by the thought of these floating houses like these sold in Germany I previously covered. The Dutch smartly preparing for climate change and rising water levels are largely depending on these amphibious homes. If and when the rivers will rise above their banks, the houses will rise upwards as well. 37 of the floating houses are already strung along a branch of the Maas. The cellar, not built into the earth like I first thought is built into the platform. The hollow foundation can be compared to the hull of a ship, safely buoying the structure up above water. Two steel posts which are drivin deep enough into the earth to withstand currents you would find in the open seas prevent the houses from floating away and so as the water level sinks they sink back down in sequence. These model houses are built to last at least one hundred years, and can be fixed in the dockyard if there are any problems. If only New Orleans can somehow implement this brilliant idea.
Amphibious houses (we-make-money-not-art)
Floating houses rise with floodwaters (BoingBoing)