Airlines change the ways we board

Industry giants Airliners like United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, AirTran, and America West have stopped boarding passengers back-to-front to wring out greater savings and to minimize passenger frustration. Why do I care? You will now be boarding in the most efficient way possible. United, for example, now groups passengers at the gate according to their seat’s letter designation. The carrier boards window passengers first, followed by those in middle and aisle seats. Its boarding is now four to five minutes faster, saving the company about $1 million a year. Crazy! Now if only the employees saw some of that money, maybe there would be no more strikes in the future! Doubt it. Flight attendants at United Airlines are asking a court to reject the No. 2 U.S. carrier’s plan to exit bankruptcy protection, citing plans to pay bonuses to 400 members of management. Nothing new.
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