Aerotrek A220 Taildragger Personal Sport Plane 2009

All new for 2009, the Aerotrek A220 Taildragger Personal Sport Plane dazzles with cool features, colors and performance. A two-seater equipped with quick-folding wing design, the A220 Taildragger has a range of more than 600 miles, along with a cruising speed up to 120 mph, and a climb rate of over 1,000 fpm, thanks to its Rotax 912UL 80-hp four-stroke, four-cylinder engine. Built with clear polycarbonate doors, this Aerotrek personal sport plane offers superb visibility, from both the side and the front of the aircraft. Also new for this model is its new dual toe brake system and larger tundra tires, along with comfortable plush seats with durable upholstery. Prices start at $62,950. Aerotrek.