Aero GearWagon 125 Cargo Trailer

The next generation of trailers, the Aero GearWagon 125 Cargo Trailer covers all your carrying and camping needs. With 125 cubic feet of capacity, the GearWagon 125 is an enclosed sport utility performance trailer that can carry all your gear, ATVs, bikes, or double as a mini-camper that sleeps two. Giving you all the utility and function of a mid-to-full size pickup bed, this Aero cargo trailer has a Tonneau style lid and endgate for easy opening and loading options. For awesome performance suspension, the GearWagon 125’s torsion axle makes it a smooth ride at all posted highway speeds. It also comes with a smooth exterior and value-loaded interior, including ribbed flooring, drains, a spare tire holder, segmenting and molded decking capabilities. Put one on the back of your car for $3,987.65. Aero.