2012 Yamaha RS Vector snowmobile

This mid performance snowmobile, 2012 Yamaha RS Vector still has the same 4-stroke engine with advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow, engine braking reduction system and direct-to-crankshaft clutching. New for 2012 Vector snowmobile is the Oil Pressure Sensing System which monitors the oil pressure while riding. If it drops, the ignition and fuel supply are controlled to limit the engine RPM and reduce the load. If necessary the system will stop the engine.

The 2012 Yamaha RS offers improved handling, thanks to the new Electric Power Steering, Trail Ski, Front Suspension Geometry for amazingly smooth handling and 40mm HPG aluminum front shocks to deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance.
Industry-first electric power steering system is velocity sensitive, delivering maximum assist up to 35 mph, and gradually tapering off from there. The EPS system helps isolate the rider from uncomfortable trail feedback, easing the effort required to move the bars while providing excellent handling and predictability.
The RS Vector is getting the same ski upgrade that the 2010 Apex received. The skis have great cornering agility and work in tandem with the EPS to significantly reduce hunting and darting.
Other new features for 2012 Yamaha RS Vector include adjustable Mono Shock II CK rear suspension which uses a single shock to control the travel of the skid and handle trail bumps with ease, the new windshield and side deflector design, developed using computer modeling to provide maximum wind protection with minimum aerodynamic drag and swirl-in, and black and candy red graphics packages. Available July 2011 for $11,900. Yamaha.