2012 Ski-Doo snowmobiles

You can build your own 2012 Ski-Doo snowmobile in more ways than one. Precise number is 141 and you can configure your Ski-Doo sled here. Out of 9 models, every snowmobile model except Grand Touring offers something new for 2012.

Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS and MX Z X now offer rMotion rear suspension and rMotion Quick Adjust system.
Ski-Doo Renegade adds Rotax E-TEC 800R engine to Adrenaline and BackCountry, while Pilot DS deep snow skis will come with BackCountry configuration.
Ski-Doo Summit will offer E-TEC 800R engine, Summit Sport with PowerT.E.K. 800R engine, Pilot DS skis on all sleds, 2.5″ lug PowderMax II track, REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage and trick minimalist bar/controls on X-package.
Ski-Doo FreeRide plans to feature 3 track lengths – 137, 146, 154 as well as REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage and optional 2.5″ track lugs.
Ski-Doo GSX adds E-TEC 800R and E-TEC 600 H.O. engine options with SE package.
Ski-Doo Expedition will come with Air Control Suspension on SE package, Pilot DS deep snow skis on all packages and metallic white coloration for SE package.
Ski-Doo Tundra in 2012 will have REV-XP X Narrow seat with storage on Xtreme package, Pilot DS deep snow skis with LT package and Rotax ACE 600 engine choice with Sport package.
Ski-Doo Scandic plans to add SWT package on REV-XU platform with E-TEC 600 H.O. and ACE 600 engine choices.
Some of the 2012 Ski-Doo snowmobiles will have a limited run with above new features so plan your purchase early.