2012 RS Venture GT Yamaha snowmobile

The 2012 RS Venture GT is based on Vector snowmobile. Its front end now incorporates a version of the Delta Box steering gate that appeared on the 2011 Apex and is designed to accommodate the needs of electric steering. So the 2012 Vector gets some of the Apex technology. The snowmibile is still powered by Yamaha 3-cylinder mid performance engine and features Yamaha third generation double A-arm front suspension with revised geometry to increase trail.

The RS Vector gets a new trail ski, also utilized in 2012 Yamaha RS Vector snowmobile, a new windshield to add more wind protection with no increase in drag, new power steering, updated front suspension, new 40mm HPG aluminum front shocks and oil pressure sensing system. Available in black and red July, 2011 for $12,700. Yamaha.