2012 Arctic Cat snowmobiles

Arctic Cat improves trail performance, crossover and deep powder of its top tier 2012 snowmobiles even further. The newest edition of 2012 Arctic Cat sleds is defined by the very strong styling, characterized by aggressive lines and sharp angles. The latest Arctic Wishbone Suspension showcases tall spindles and skinny A-arms, which sit further apart than any other set of upper and lower pieces in snowmobiling history. And in order to maximize stroke to aggressively absorb bumps, your Cat snowmobile front suspension shocks angle back slightly. The steering feels light while lock-to-lock action is incredibly robust. The Arctic Cat 2012 series look and perform outstandingly.

Among many clever engineering touches you will find the new chassis, called ProCross for the short track sleds and ProClimb for the powder-specific 2012 snowmobiles, featuring a pyramid design frontispiece that mates with a unique two-piece tapered tunnel. According to Arctic Cat, it adds rigidity to the sled back end. The tunnel measures 15″ across at the top but tapers outward to afford plenty of room at the running boards.
Also new are the hydraulic disc brake that utilizes a radial master cylinder and longer lever to enhance braking force. The driveshaft-mounted rotor is 6% lighter, but 12% larger than the previous brake rotor. Visit Arctic Cat for more information on its 2012 sleds.
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