2011 Yamaha RS Viking Professional snowmobile

Excellent snowmobile, the 2011 Yamaha RS Viking Professional features dependable and fuel efficient 3-cylinder Mid Performance 4-stroke engine and ultra-rigid Deltabox chassis for ultimate snowmobiling experience. The Yamaha snowmobile also comes with direct-to-crankshaft clutching. The 2011 RS Viking Professional does not use a gear reduction, instead the primary clutch is directly attached to the crankshaft, permitting the engine to be mounted deeper in the chassis to deliver a lower center of gravity, thus further improving the snowmobile cornering stability. To give a great over-snow performance while in reverse, Yamaha equipped this snowmobile with ProAction Plus rear suspension with articulated tail section, which in addition, has the unique quick-adjust system to change both shock and spring rate settings on the upper arm.
Other key features of 2011 Yamaha RS Viking Professional snowmobile include,
– 20x156x1.25-inch Camoplast Rip Saw track
– dual-range Hi/Lo and reverse transmission
– lightweight forged pistons
– second generation front suspension geometry
– Controlled Flow die cast construction
– traditional handlebars with center grab strap
– wide plastic skis
– cavernous under-seat storage
– tow hitch
– extra tall windshield
– digitally controlled hand and thumb warmers
– new graphics package
Suggested base price for 2011 RS Viking Professional is $11,500 USD. Compare with Yamaha RS Viking Professional Snowmobile 2010. Previously, Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile 2011.