2011 Yamaha Phazer GT review

The new 2011 Yamaha Phazer GT brings lightweight, dependable Sport Performance 4-stroke 2-cylinder engine for one of the best snow rides in 2011. The powerful, quick-revving and very torque engine is built for sporty acceleration and Yamaha advanced fuel injection system automatically keeps it running at maximum output and fuel efficiency for the conditions.
The 2011 Phazer GT comes with innovative Sport Performance engine crankshaft, designed to be light weight, responsive and durable. It delivers super-crisp throttle response and quick acceleration, also helping to mitigate the vibration inherent in a 2-cylinder engine. Another key improvement is the New Oil Pressure Sensing System which limits the engine RPM and reduces the load on the engine in unlikely event if the oil pressure drops while riding. If necessary the system will stop the engine.

This 2011 Yamaha snowmobile Phazer GT is equipped by the ultra light, ultra rigid FX chassis built on the FX Chassis, engineered specifically to house the Sport Performance engine and provide overall balance dynamic. Other key features include double wishbone front suspension, wide handlebars, dual shock rear suspension, lightweight premium GYTR dual-clicker shocks, lightweight, rear-exiting exhaust and to-the-end grip warmers. Price for 2011 Yamaha Phazer GT is around $8,300.
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