2007 Host RV 270 Motorcoach Class C Motorhome

The host with the most is the 2007 Host RV 270 Motorcoach Class C Motorhome. Built on a Ford chassis, the 270 Motorcoach’s 4L Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel 350-hp engine won’t let you down on the open roads. This Host RV Class C motorhome is built tough and looks sharp, with smooth fiberglass, vacuum-laminated exterior sidewall panels. The chic looks continue inside – choose from a selection of interior decor packages to personalize your living space. Other standard features include a 20-inch LCD flat-screen TV with DVD/CD/MP3 player, grani-coat countertops, designer-fabric window valances and a 13,500 BTU roof-mount air conditioner. Base price of $133,000. Host RV.