2006 ISATA F-Series Touring Sedans

2006 ISATA F-Series Touring Sedans feature easily accessible, spacious cockpits with lots of leg room, a rear trunk for all your gear (up to 14 cubic feet of space), and a a smooth, automotive style ride thanks to their exclusive new DynaRide air suspension system. Are you the type who doesn’t stop driving when the pavement turns to terrain? The 4-wheel drive option will give you the additional push for when things get rugged. The standard features are aplenty, and there are some cool options like a back-up camera, outdoor entertainment system and the list continues. There are three floorplans to choose from (available in lengths up to 35 feet), but the two posted include the F-series 270 with a base price of $148,740 and the F-series 310 which starts at $167,061. Dynamax RV.